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We support people of all genders and ages who live or work in Lincolnshire, who have been affected by any form of sexual violence at any point in their lives and are willing to engage in support/therapy relating to these experiences.

This includes: rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, incest, sexual domestic violence, trafficking and sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, ritual abuse, forced marriage, crimes in the name of honour, sexual intimidation, coercion or harassment, whether physical or verbal.

We provide support and information for survivors through our helpline, email, one to one support sessions, group sessions, and counselling.

We listen and believe. We support survivors to explore their thoughts, feelings and options. We are here to listen. We do not advise, direct or persuade survivors to take any particular course of action. We believe the survivor is the best person to decide what is right for them, and we will support whatever they decide.

Our services only cover the Lincolnshire area. To find a Rape Crisis centre near you,

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis works with all genders and we are a feminist organisation. This ethos underpins both what our service is and how it is run. It means that:

  • we are a service run by women
  • we listen to survivors voices and we believe
  • we work in collaboration, are mutually supportive and reflective on our practice
  • we aim to promote an empowering culture both for our organisation’s members and for the survivors who use our service
  • we ensure feminism guides our interactions with other organisations and services
  • we help survivors to name sexual violence
  • we encourage the women who are part of Lincolnshire Rape Crisis to be articulate, passionate and clear on what needs to be achieved
  • We believe rape and sexual violence is never the fault of the survivor

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis also supports the friends and family of people affected by sexual violence.

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis currently offers a helpline, structured support, email support, and we can also provide advocacy services.

We are an Anti Racist Organisation 

This is Our Anti Racism Statement.



Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is an intersectional feminist organisation.

We are committed to anti-racism and anti-oppression. These values will underpin all our work.

We respect and support by and for organisation in their work. We do not intend to be the voice of black and minoritised individuals, communities, or organisations but to be allies in the fight against racism.

We support the Black and Minoritised Women’s Anti-Racism Feministo for the Ending Violence Against Women’s Sector.

Racism exists everywhere. It exists in our sector and in our movement and is not limited to one form.

We understand that racism, racial injustice, racial inequality, and racial inequity are critical in the fight against the patriarchy, imperialism, and white supremacy.

Lived experiences names black and minoritised people as 'other', 'outsider', 'foreigner' and 'migrant'. This harm bleeds into and extends to lack of social acceptance, public & social policy, under representation, legal rights, suppression, disenfranchisement, exclusion, hate -crime and collective pain.

We recognise that racism is dehumanising.

We recognise that the lived experience of racism is individual and unique.

We therefore commit to employing intersectional feminists that will use empowerment to support and influence one another and our service users.

All our staff will be committed to the work of influencing change and recognise that being an anti-racist is pivotal in addressing sexual violence.

We have a ZERO tolerance response to racism.

Racism will not be accepted, excused, or hidden.

We will endeavour to identify and challenge racism, bullying and structural inequalities.

Our endeavour is to end racism. To achieve this, we are working to focus on anti-racism and anti-oppression throughout our working practices and culture.

As an organisation, as individuals, and as a team we are all responsible for how we model and embody anti-racist intersectional feminist values, this work and these examples will be led by our CEO.

Service Values


We believe that sexual violence is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality. We are proud to be a feminist organisation and we will endeavour to fight for the rights of women and girls.


Equality is a fundamental human right. We recognise that our service users are discriminated against because of gender, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation. We are committed to fighting for the rights of women and girls and we will strive for inclusivity for all.


Offering service users choice is paramount to our work at Lincolnshire Rape Crisis. We will be led by the choices our Service Users make.


Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is committed to empowering women and girls and their rights. We support all service users using the empowerment model.


At Lincolnshire Rape Crisis everyone will be treated with dignity and respect. We will respect an individual’s life story and resilience and at all times survivors will be believed.


Service users can trust us to provide appropriate and safe spaces. Women can trust us to provide a women-only space where they can feel safe. We work transparently and honestly to encourage our Service Users and partnership organisations alike to view us as a service with integrity.

Rape Crisis Nationally

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is affiliated to Rape Crisis (England and Wales), which is an umbrella organisation that supports Rape Crisis Centres all over the country. Rape Crisis is independent of the government and the criminal justice system.

Rape Crisis Centres are frontline services providing crucial and independent support for all women and girls of all ages who have experienced any form of sexual violence. The first Rape Crisis Centre opened in 1973. Rape Crisis Centres aim to offer specialist support, advocacy, counselling and information to women and girls, free of charge and in confidence, in a safe and non-threatening environment.

To find out more about Rape Crisis (England and Wales) go to:


Lincolnshire Rape Crisis works to raise awareness of sexual violence and challenge the myths and mis-conceptions about it. We lobby and campaign locally and nationally to promote the needs of women and girls.


Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is funded by the Ministry of Justice, Lloyds Bank Foundation and the Lincolnshire Police Crime Commissioner.