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Counselling at Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is provided by experienced, qualified female counsellors who are trained to offer different therapeutic approaches. 

Please also read our One to One support information.

Have you experienced rape, sexual abuse or sexual assault at any point in your life?  Do you need support to move on from this experience? Are you experiencing effects of trauma such as not sleeping or distburbed sleep, anxiety, being jumpy, self harming, difficulty with intimacy, unexplained physical pain, phobias, depression, fear of being alone or around other people, paranoia?  If you can tick any of these boxes you may be eligible for free counselling with us.  

If you would like to get in touch with us about counselling you will need to follow the same process for getting in touch with us. We will want to meet with you or have a chat with you over the phone about our counselling service and criteria for free counselling.

If you are a professional or are enquiring on behalf of someone we’ll happily tell you all about any of our services including counselling and criteria for referral but you won’t be able to directly refer someone for our counselling. We will need to do this with the service user you are calling us about.