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Support us to support women and girls...

As a charity we rely on fundraising and donations to help us to support women and girls in Lincolnshire. You can support us by donating money, donations go towards supporting women and girls who have experienced sexual violence. 

Any amount helps go towards our work in Lincolnshire. 

You can donate through paypal.

Become a Friend:

Becoming a friend of LRC means that we will always keep you updated on any relevant changes, progress or decisions we make. We will listen to your opinion and take on board what you say about our services. We want to make sure that our service is delivering the most relevant, appropriate and effective service to women and girls in Lincolnshire and we think that the best way to ensure this is to listen to what you have to say as well as what our service users say. You are important to us, and so are your ideas and opinions.

And we’ll send you a free quarterly newsletter!

If you’d like to be our friend, please drop us a friendly email putting ‘Friends of LRC’ in your subject line, to: