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About LRC

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is a feminist organisation. This ethos underpins both what our service is and how it is run. It means that:

  • we are a service run by women for women
  • we listen to women’s voices and we believe
  • we work in collaboration, are mutually supportive and reflective on our practice
  • we aim to promote an empowering culture both for our organisation’s members and for the women who use our service
  • we ensure feminism guides our interactions with other organisations and services
  • we help women to name sexual violence
  • we encourage the women who are part of Lincolnshire Rape Crisis to be articulate, passionate and clear on what needs to be achieved
  • As a women only service we do not offer long-term support to men or boys who have been victims of sexual violence, but we can offer sign-posting
  • We believe rape and sexual violence is never the fault of the survivor

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis also supports the friends and family of people affected by sexual violence.

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis currently offers a helpline, structured support, email support, and we can also provide advocacy services.

Service Values


We believe that sexual violence is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality. We are proud to be a feminist organisation and we will endeavour to fight for the rights of women and girls.


Equality is a fundamental human right. We recognise that women and girls are discriminated against because of gender, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation. We are committed to fighting for the rights of women and girls and we will strive for inclusivity for all.


Offering women and girls choice is paramount to our work at Lincolnshire Rape Crisis. We will be led by the choices our Service Users make.


Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is committed to empowering women and girls and their rights.


At Lincolnshire Rape Crisis women will be treated with dignity and respect. We will respect an individual’s life story and resilience and at all times women will be believed.


Women and girls can trust us to provide a women-only space where they can feel safe. We work transparently and honestly to encourage our Service Users and partnership organisations alike to view us as a service with integrity.

Rape Crisis Nationally

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is affiliated to Rape Crisis (England and Wales), which is an umbrella organisation that supports Rape Crisis Centres all over the country. Rape Crisis is independent of the government and the criminal justice system.

Rape Crisis Centres are frontline services providing crucial and independent support for all women and girls of all ages who have experienced any form of sexual violence. The first Rape Crisis Centre opened in 1973. Rape Crisis Centres aim to offer specialist support, advocacy, counselling and information to women and girls, free of charge and in confidence, in a safe and non-threatening environment.

To find out more about Rape Crisis (England and Wales) go to:


Lincolnshire Rape Crisis works to raise awareness of sexual violence and challenge the myths and mis-conceptions about it. We lobby and campaign locally and nationally to promote the needs of women and girls.


Lincolnshire Rape Crisis is funded by the Ministry of Justice.